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6 things masks taught us about being a Catholic man

If you want to argue about masks, this article is not for you.

If you think people who complain about masks are selfish, this article is not for you.

However, if you’ve felt alone during this time of insanity, I think you might like this one.

If you’re tired of the arguing and virtue-signaling, this one is indeed for you.

I have never desired to be an angry person.

My bucket list has never read “Get yelled at an old lady as you board a plane because your mask isn’t covering your nose to her entire satisfaction”

I will be the first person to say that masks are stupid. You can think what you want. If you want to wear a mask, go for it. But I want the freedom to decide for myself what nonsense I want on my face everywhere I go.

But this article isn’t going to be a big argument.

I hope by the end of it your life will be changed, you’ll be a happier person and masks will no longer bother you. I’m hoping these things will help you too on your journey of manhood.

If you’re a woman and reading this, beware: you might end up being a man by the end of it.

1. The Church it made up of sinners—and it always has been.

I will be very honest here. The reason masks have bothered me is because Catholics have really disappointed me. There is a false virtue applied to the idea of wearing masks. We are told by our Bishops that we no longer have to attend Mass on Sunday. That we are exempt from receiving Jesus Christ in the Eucharist in the name of demi-gods “Health” and “Safety.”

You are only welcome in God’s house if you wear a mask.

In some parishes they still limit the number of people to 10 people. In some Diocese (Diocie?) Confessions are still not allowed. Apparently the Grace of God is only important when there’s no danger of getting sick or spreading sickness.

All of this has made me feel upset a the Church that I love. I thought they knew better. The Catholic Church was supposed to be an arbiter (a person who settles a dispute or has ultimate authority in a matter) of Truth, and here we find ourselves conforming to the political and social fads of the season.

But here’s the kicker: THE CATHOLIC CHURCH has always been made up of broken people. Strong men and women are the exception. We should not be surprised.

But I keep getting surprised.

These are the same churches that offer confession once a week for an hour on Saturday. These are the same Priests that never preach on the importance of Marriage between a man and a woman. These are the same lay people who never believed Jesus was present in the Eucharist to begin with.

The way the Church has behaved through this crisis is just another RED FLAG that she needs our help quite desperately.

The Church needs soldiers. As the men, we are supposed to be those soldiers. Not the women. We’ve been lazy and we let the Devil into our homes. Let’s get him out of here.

2. Fear controls people.

Fear is powerful. It controls you and I. It controls our country. It changes our priority from love of neighbor to love of self. Fear is sneaky, he often hides in the shadows telling us that really what we’re doing is best for everyone else.

Fear of standing out.

Fear of getting blamed for getting others sick.

Fear of getting other people sick.

Fear of complying.

Everyone is afraid of something. I personally am afraid of losing my freedom. I’m afraid of people leaving the Church. I’m afraid of complying with the lying leaders of our country.

It seems like everyone is compromising and suddenly behaving like animals. They are driven by fear and social pressure to comply.

Again, this is nothing new. I don’t know why it surprised me. People have always been afraid of standing out. American Catholics have been terrible at evangelizing and standing up for what is right for years and years now. We’ve grown lazy, and we’ve been lazy.

The men are scared of discomfort and losing their pleasure.

The women are scared of being alone and unloved.

3. Men were made to fight.

Men were designed to protect and thus we fight. It started as little boys pushing each other off of couches. To dueling with lightsabers in 5th grade, to shooting each other in the head in Halo in a free-for-all. There’s a warrior in all of us.

I don’t want to blindly comply with everything I’m told.

I’m skeptical of government organizations and people in authority who claim we should do as they say simply because they are the authority.

I get pissed off about abortions, the desecration of the family, the desecration of Mary statues and the sex abuse scandals. It’s my personal belief we need a Catholic version of Azkaban where we can send such perpetrators to waste away off the coast of Antartica.

I want Truth to win!

This whole mask thing lit a fire in me. I’ve been prowling about and calling people retards as I walk into Walmart. I’ve turned into kind of an angry person.

I miss the days when you had a problem, you could duke it out with someone.

A righteous anger here and there is great, but the problem is that God can’t really use angry people be we get hot-headed and prideful really quick. We want to start doing things our way.

4. The devil wants us angry

“”If you want to attack your other sins, start with attacking your pride.” – Peter Kreeft”

– Michael Scott

I then realized I had been trapped. I’m angry now because of not masks, but of what they represent. But I realized my anger wasn’t getting anything done. It was stealing my peace and my joy and my sweet little wife was tired of hearing me rant about it.

This was the devil at work. He’s always on the prowl, trying to twist our virtue into vice.

The worst sin out there is pride.

Pride is sneaky.

He tells you that he’s not there. He convinces you that your problem is something else and that pride is not your main issue. I’m here to tell you that it is your main issue. Pretty much everyone has a pride problem. The “holier” you are the bigger a pride problem you have. Pride is the sin of saints.

Pride makes you think that everyone else is the problem, that you’re the solution. That you’re doing it right.

YOU are NOT the solution. God is, bro.

It was only 6 months ago I realized pride was my problem. It didn’t surface very much but it was always at the root of my problems. Getting married has very quickly made me realize pride is my issue.

“It was pride that changed angles into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels. – St. Augustine”

– Michael Scott

I won’t claim to be an expert on pride, but I know it’s real. I don’t want to wear a mask for a lot of reasons, many of them legitimate—but what’s funny is that the devil always starts with real things.

  1. Pride starts off as reasonable ideas and virtuous actions, that come from a good place.
  2. The devil takes that virtue and turns it inward, so it becomes about you.
  3. You start thinking “I am the only one doing good, I’m the only one doing it right, every one else is not as holy as me.”
  4. You end up believing YOUR WAY is the BEST WAY (God’s way is the best way)

The Truth is that I am not better than God’s Church. I may disagree with the actions and decisions of the bishops and priests, but if they are not asking me to do anything immoral, I owe obedience to the divine office of the priesthood.

A mask is an act of humility. My pride needs to die, and I sincerely believe the mask has helped me do that. If God has allowed this to happen, the best thing I can do is let him transform me with it.

***I will still not wear a mask whenever I can, but if I am required by my bishop to wear one, I will.

5. God will show you the path

Every single thing in life has a lesson in it. God can use everything for good. I think we often forget that. I know I forget it quite a bit and just think everything is awful.

God has a plan for your life.

I’ve heard this many times in my life, sometimes it’s more meaningful than others. God wants to use you for good. You decide whether or not that happens.

God cannot use you against your will. I will be the first to admit that I’ve resisted against God. I try to do things my way instead of letting him lead me. A man is supposed to lead his family. He was designed for that. But the only way to lead is if you know where you’re going. You’re either going towards heaven or you’re going to hell.

Attempting to no wear masks when they are required is futile. It’s not a sin to wear a mask. Wasting our energy fighting the masks when there’s no way to win is a waste.

God can’t use me if I’m angry and upset and busy fighting masks in church. I hit a turning point when I realized my time was better spend working on OvertTV and OvertMagazine. I need to direct my anger and my passion for the Church into something productive.

The Devil wants me to go on a conquest of anger and pride.

God wants to use me to build his Church up.

6. I am with the Spirit and the Spirit is with me

God is with us, brother. We are not alone. His spirit is in us and around us. Take comfort in Jesus.

I know it’s hard, I’ve been there and I will be there again. We are living in the end times. The Church is not doing it’s greatest work at the moment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t.

I have felt alone during this time.

I feel like people who I trusted have abandoned me, they have bought into CrazyLand and FearWorld. They are a part of the system. Its sad to see your friends and family not “get it.”

Be at peace brother, I know how you feel. We are not alone. Christ is with us. The Spirit is with us.

Let him use you to do something great.

Spend some time today asking him what that is—don’t lose hope.