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Is Saying “Sorry” Good Enough For God?

“I didn’t mean to!“ I was kneeling in the back of church, I had just gone to confession. Like so many times before, I was worried that I “hadn’t confessed my sins ‘well enough.’” This was pretty constant for me. Most confessions never felt like confession, I usually came out more anxious than I went […]

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Why You Can’t Stop Binge Watching Your Phone

How to stop falling asleep watching my phone It’s 10:30pm, you know you should be in bed. You’re tired. You know you’ll thank yourself in the morning when you’ve had a great night’s sleep. So… you jump in bed, open up YouTube and finally fall asleep 3.5 hours later… with your phone in your hand. […]

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Quit Porn: You Are Not Your Addiction

Chances are good you were raised with an unhealthy view of your own body and sexuality. If your childhood was anything like mine, then the message you received was that sex was dirty, gross, and nothing to speak about or think about. Fast forward to your first experience with pornography and you’ve just mixed a […]